My friends shoulder exploded at school! 👀

My friends shoulder exploded at school! 👀

Today was not a good day, it started with me feeling pretty unwell but my mum sent me to school anyway saying I would probably get better. My friend Brooke sent me a text letting me know that she had set off for school early to go the library so I set off early too to meet up with her where we logged onto to some computers to finish some of our homework together but we couldn’t click into our homework tasks as the teacher had locked them so went sent her an email asking to reset them, luckily she was teaching us for the last lesson of the days so we could remind her in person too.

My first lesson at school was English where the class continued to read our chosen books to ourselves which we’ll be writing a book review of, the book I chosen to read is The Devil Walks which is a mystery-thriller book about a boy locked away in his room by his mother. The Devil Walks is a really good book which I’ll defiantly be writing a future blog post for as well as a few other books I’ve been reading recently so look out for that if you’re interested!

The next lesson was maths which is my favourite lesson and always has been, I’m not sure why but I just find it really fun working with numbers. Whilst waiting outside the room for the teacher, everyone in the class was messing around causing chaos as I was generally chatting with Brooke, when she suddenly got slammed into the wall as a group fell towards her! Since then she had pain in her shoulder all day! 😟

Third school lesson was history where we continued to learn about World War I in particular we studied how the roles of women changed when men went to war, women started to fight for equality to do the things which men could do.

Next it was time for Physical Education (PE). It can be pretty fun when the class doesn’t constantly mess around and we aren’t able to do anything but today it was ok and we got started pretty quick, however Brooke’s shoulder was now really starting to hurt and it didn’t help that we were playing basket ball either! We were in groups of 3 so I was with Brooke and another friend Aimee but during the game Brooke suddenly stopped playing and headed for the teacher, me and Aimee continued the match which I managed to score 3 shots and Aimee 2 scoring 5 overall which I think was pretty good.

Brooke was given an ice pack for her arm and met back up with me for our last lesson of the day, French. I would like to learn a language and I don’t mind French but it’s pretty hard at times and other times I don’t really enjoy it as much other other lessons so it’s pretty dull. Today in French we just spent the time revising past vs future tenses and negative vs positive phrases.

Once it was finally time to go home I couldn’t be happier as I still felt a bit ill and just really wanted to get home and relax watching Youtube in bed 😂
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Shockingly Good TV Shows and Movies!

Shockingly Good TV Shows and Movies!

I love watching good TV shows and movies, my favourite genre is mystery and at school me and my friends generally talk about what we’re currently watching like Glee and The Vampire Diaries and a while ago they suggest I check out Pretty Little Liars because they were obsessed with it, but soon I quickly discovered that I would be too!

Since being suggested it I watched all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars and it is now my all time favourite show! It’s a mystery thriller show about 5 girls: Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. The story starts with the girls having a party in Spencer’s barn and eventually all go to sleep until during the night they wake up to find Alison has gone missing!

A year passes and she has been classed as dead as she was never seen again, over this time the girls gradually split apart and stopped coming into contact with each other.. Until they started receiving anonymous messages from someone calling theirself ‘A’! A knew all of the girls’ secrets and made their lives living hell so the girls had no choice but to bring their group back together to investigate who the anonymous person is and what really happened to Alison? Who is ‘A’? Why does he know so much? Does he know what happened to Alison?!

So far I’ve finished all 7 seasons and can’t wait until 7B is released because the show was left on a huge cliffhanger! My favourite episode so far is season 5 episode 25 ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ which I won’t spoil too much but the name of the episode should give you some hints as to what happens! 😉 Anyone who hasn’t already seen the show I highly recommend it!

Recently I also started to watch Youtubers play The Walking Dead game series which I somehow spent 3 days wasting my life watching 😳 – I’ve now caught up with the current season though so I hopefully won’t be watching so much in one go any time soon! Once I caught up with the season I decided to check out The Walking Dead TV show too, however once I got about 25 minutes in I got too scared to keep watching so I haven’t watched it alone since. 😕

Personally I’m not really into horror TV shows or movies unless they’re already known as really good TV shows and movies which often end up with my friends talking about constantly but otherwise I usually just get too scared to enjoy any story or plot and can’t continue watching them alone! One time my best friend Brooke came over and we decided to watch Ouija together which I actually really enjoyed. Ever since watching it I’ve wanted to watch another similar film so I’ve been considering The Conjuring.. I really can’t watch horror movies alone though so I’ve been trying to get my mum to watch it with me but she’s also too scared to watch it at all!

Recently my mum wanted to watch the horror movie Split with me but ended up watching what she thought was Split alone. She watched most the film then turned it off because it was a boring bowling movie, this really confused me because it shouldn’t have had anything to do with bowling in it, it turned out there’s another recent movie called Split which turns out to be a really bad bowling movie which she watched instead!

What’s your definition of good TV shows and movies which you love? Do you enjoy horror movies or are you too afraid like me? ;_;
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Fast Food!

Fast Food!

Sometimes my family orders fast food on the weekends and that’s what we did Saturday night! We ordered from a local pizza place called “The Pizza Slice” which we’ve ordered from a few times in the past and love their pizza’s and kebabs. I got a 12-inch Pepperoni Pizza, my mum got a 12 inch Mediterranean Chicken Pizza and my brothers got Kebabs. My pizza was delicious but sadly I wasn’t very hungry when the pizza arrived so I only managed to eat 1 slice of garlic bread and 2 slices of my pepperoni pizza but I knew I could eat more the next day as the more that was left the more me and my brother Connor could have for dinner the next day.

We usually always tend to order from The Pizza Slice if it’s open but previously we used to order from “Pizza Time” without ordering for mum but when mum did want something she didn’t like the pizzas from there so decided to try other fast food places and found that The Pizza Slice had much better pizzas and kebabs so we’ve been ordering from there ever since and they’re awesome! However a while ago they did mistakenly send me a Margherita Pizza when I had ordered a Pepperoni Pizza, we even checked the order to be sure! 🙁

A few months ago we ordered some pizzas from The Pizza Slice whilst mum was at work so they would be delivered in time for her finishing work, however we waiting over an hour past the estimated delivery time and they had still not arrived! (we ordered at 7PM and it was 10PM and they still hadn’t arrived!) so when my mum came in from work she decided to phone up to find out why they hadn’t arrived yet.. It turned out that they had completely missed our order and said they would send it out asap which arrived about 30 minutes later and included a free bottle of coca cola which was nice. Despite this though, they’re usually always on time and have really nice food though so for now we stick with ordering from the same place.

Do you like to sometimes order fast food as a treat? What food do you like? Let me know down below in the comments or send me a blog pingback and I can checkout your blogs and leave a comment of my own!


Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

Today it was Saturday so as usually I went saturday shopping with my mum and brother Sean. I hate shopping.. especially food shopping but I like going out in Sean’s car with them. We drove to B&M first which is a UK shop selling a tons of random cheap items, it was pretty fun as we found a few toys for our dogs and I got some more fake nails (even though I had only just bought some more a few days ago :p) We found a cheap laser pointer toy for cats and decided to get it for our dogs as we used to have one which Keira would go crazy over and had never seen Molly react to one!

Last Christmas I got my mum some owl garden solar panel lights which she didn’t really like but we always joke about getting more owl related things including today where we found some owl wind chimes and owl tree decorations which we joked about getting her for mothers day. Somehow we spent an hour in this shop and didn’t really buy much.

Next we drove over to Tesco Extra to do some food shopping Extra to do some food shopping (Tesco Extra is a massive version of Tesco with electronics and clothing included) but first we visited the electronics and I got a new ink cartridge for our printer as we had ran out of coloured ink. Afterwards we walked around the shop to buy food but my mum ends up looking at single things for 5 minutes and constantly going back for things we had already looked at or picking up everything she sees but never actually buying them such as a some Polish Cheetos which somehow reminded her of Germany lol. Usually we almost always get fake Magnum ice creams and we complain about them being way different to the originals but today my mum got us the real thing! I can’t wait to eat them! 😰

What do you think about shopping, do you visit the stores and share my “saturday shopping” experiences or just shop online? Leave a comment down below with your shopping experiences!


Whitley Bay Holiday Data Overflow!

Whitley Bay Holiday Data Overflow!

Last year I went on a holiday to Seahouses for a Whitley Bay Holiday with my mum and dad, it was a very long drive so I decided to play Pokémon Go on the way there and ended up catching tons of Pokémon from the car. The drive ended up being shorter than expected but I was super excited to go inside the rented static caravan which would be our home for the next few days! Once we had finished unpacking we decided to look around the holiday park and when I discovered that there was an arcade within walking distance of the caravan I knew this holiday was going to be amazing! During the nights we checked out the shows in the clubhouse and I would frequently visit the arcade to play on the 2p machines. (Which I won a few prizes from!)

On our second day we went into the town centre to look around the local shops and points of interest and came across a circus which we decided to watch. The circus show had a man juggling machetes and other dangerous things as well as a strong woman who was picking random up random men and ripping up very thick books, the show was funny and we had a great time watching it! Afterwards we explored more of the city and found another arcade which I spent a while in while my mum and dad were in the over 18 section where they didn’t win anything! Overall I had a great day out and would love to visit again!

When we got back to the caravan it was pretty late and I decided to watch some YouTube videos on my phone via mobile data.. at the time I didn’t realise how fast YouTube would eat through my data limits but after half an hour of watching videos I suddenly got an alert saying I had went over my data limit, we weren’t really sure why at the time but my mum phoned my brother Sean back at home to look at my phone contract account online and saw that we had already been charged £18 extra for the couple of minutes I had went over the limit! I now know that I need to be much more careful with my mobile data, since then Sean setup warnings on my phone when I’m getting near my limits but I definitely won’t be watching any more YouTube videos on my phone without wifi again!

Our Whitley Bay holiday ended after 3 days with the most memorable moment sadly being me going over my phones data limit!