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Month: February 2017

Stormy town adventures 🌩️

Stormy town adventures 🌩️

starbucksToday I went into my local town with my best friend Brooke, there’s a tons of shops to explore so it’s nice to visit once in a while especially during the school holidays. The morning started with rain which made the day feel pretty gloomy, however as I was about to head out to catch the bus it stopped luckily – I was pretty worried the whole day would be spent soaking wet! Once we arrived in the town we decided to head straight to Starbucks; I ordered a Tall Caramel Cream Frappuccino and Brooke got a Chocolate Cream Frappuccino it was delicious! 😋

After we finished our drinks we went into The Works which sells art supplies, books and other pretty random things. I wanted to look through the books for something new to read and Brooke just wanted to browse. I couldn’t really find anything I wanted and although Brooke seemed pretty interested in some unicorn pens she decided not to get any.

After we had finished looking around in The Works we visited Poundland to see if there was anything interesting we could find for a pound; I bought a little cute dog toy for Molly which she ended up loving and doesn’t want to leave alone! I also bought some gel pens ready for going back to school (I love gel pens). Afterwards we went to the clothing shop Topshop where I knew I probably wasn’t going to buy anything because everything is so expensive… but where’s the fun in not trying on anything! I tried on a few t-shirts but didn’t really like any of them anyway.Inshanghai

Before we knew it the it was already noon (we got there at 10AM) so we planned to meet up with a few more friends for lunch at Inshanghai which is an all you can eat buffet. I didn’t really eat much as I wasn’t very hungry but I did get a lot of super yummy ice cream 🍦 and tried some pineapple which I decided to eat with chopsticks lol. We spent about an hour in Inshanghai before we decided we were all finished and split up again.

After leaving Inshanghai we went to CEX which is a shop that sells games, consoles and other miscellaneous gadgets; however it’s mainly all used items which people have traded into the shop. I found a cheap Nintendo DS game called Brain Challenge which looked pretty fun, it reminded me of a show I used to watch called ‘Beat The Brain’ and for £1.50 I couldn’t say no!

my flannel topLater we decided to play Pokémon Go as we walked around as the new update had just came out after all and while playing we headed towards Super Dry to browse for more clothes but sadly the prices were still way too high for anything I wanted to pay and I couldn’t find anything I really wanted to buy anyway. We next went to New Look where I tried on a flannel-like top and a flowy dress which were both on sale, however the dress didn’t look good so I ended up just buying the flannel top. Soon after the weather took a turn for the worse, the wind picked up and the rain crashed down heavily, me and Brooke didn’t have hoods on our coats so we quickly decided to buy an umbrella before the rain got any worse which I eventually bought from Next.

However the storm was quickly getting worse and I could barely hold the umbrella so we decided it was time to go home so caught a double decker bus which took us back. Overall it was a really fun day it was just sad that it had to be cut short by the weather which apparently was named Storm Dorris.

My new hair!

My new hair!

meToday has been a busy day for me as it started with me needing to wake up earlier than usual as I had a hairdressers appointment! I love my hair and had an appointment booked to get a bit of it trimmed from the ends and had blonde highlights put in again (I had them in previously but they had faded over time). I was in the chair for about an hour as they put the foils in my hair then I had to wait a further 10 minutes as they actually put the dye into my hair which she called “cooking” 😜

my new hairOnce they were finally done with the dying they finally washed off my hair which took ages and the sink was uncomfortable but my hair smelled amazing and was very soft! 😍 When I finally saw my finished hair in the mirror it kinda looked like it had yellow and brown streaks which didn’t look good and had me worried, however once it dried everything was fine! I think the final result is really nice, it’s just a subtle change but I loved my hair as it was; but now that it’s lighter, slightly shorter and thinner it’s perfect!

Why is the moon round? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

Pokémon Go Adventures!

Pokémon Go Adventures!

Pokémon goA year ago I was addicted to a game called Pokémon GO and almost every day me and my brothers Sean and Connor would walk around our village looking for Pokémon and Poké-stops. It was a lot of fun and actually got us out of the house as we ran around catching Pokémon! On the downside though I ended up using a lot of mobile data and there aren’t many Poké-stops nearby so I would run out of Pokéballs easily but Sean would buy us more if we asked enough!

After a few months of daily hunting around the village catching PokémonSeaton carew beach we quickly ended up catching the same pokemon constantly, so almost every Saturday my brother (Sean) would drive us up to Seaton Carew Beach and my mum would come along too for a lovely visit walking around the beach whilst catching new Pokémon! On our first visit we found an arcade which looked amazing however everyone was tired so we decided it would just be best to come again another day and check it out.. however we did get some delicious fish and chips for lunch and it was a really nice day overall. The next visit I was prepared and brought my own money prepared for the arcade which was massive on the inside with lots of games, my mum stayed by the 2p machines Sean stayed with her and me and my brother Connor found a Crossy Roads arcade machine which we had a competition on.. which he he won :l (I did manage to beat his score on our next visit though!)

Natu and MurkrowSadly after a while pretty much everyone I knew stopped playing Pokémon Go, Niantic wasn’t making any major changes to the game and seemed to be making it worse after several maps got shut down ruining my personal favourite part of the hunts, finding a Pokemon we wanted nearby and getting to it before it despawned. Finally after many months though an update was finally released and today I logged on to find tons of new Pokémon right in my house! I didn’t have any Pokéballs left though so I decided to take Molly (one of my dogs) on a quick walk to visit all the nearby Poké-stops to get some quick Pokéballs to catch them. Sadly most of the Pokémon I saw had despawned once I got back home though.. I did manage to get a Murkrow and a Natu though and looking forward to seeing how many more I can collect!

Have you started to play the generation 2 update or did you enjoy playing the original? Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll look forward to reading them all!

My Favourite Books

My Favourite Books

hunger gamesIf you’ve read my blog introduction you’ll know that I love reading books and it’s probably my main hobby when I’m bored and over the past few years I’ve read a lot! I love reading long hardback books with lots of story development and so far my all time favourite book series is Hunger Games which I had such a deep admiration with the characters that I almost couldn’t continue reading once my favourite character Rue died! However, once I did reach the end I was amazed and strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t already read it who enjoys strong character development adventure tales with a dark side to check it out!

girl online 1 and 2

Another collection of books I’ve read and instantly fell in love with are the Girl Online series which I knew I had to keep reading once Penny met Noah and ended up reading the first 2 books in one go! When Zoella announced that book 3 was coming out I was so excited that I had to get it for Christmas! (however I still haven’t finished the third book :$)

Not only do I love to read but I also like to write but find it hard to sometimes think up a good idea! A few years ago however in school, I had to write a short story about Christmas and most people decided to write a simple happy story, however I took a different approach in writing about an orphan who had nobody to talk to and nobody would pay attention to until Christmas where finally after a life of struggle a loving family adopted her out of nowhere and dramatically changed her life. Whenever I re-read it I always feel full of joy towards the end as happiness can come from anywhere even in the most unexpected of situations. To my amazement my story was featured in a local newspaper which I still have today!

Do you have any favourite books or love to write your own stories? Let me know down in the comments below, I would love to check out any new book suggestions or read your writing!

My trip to London!

My trip to London!

Back in 2015 I went on a weekend visit to London with my mum and dad, it was pretty unplanned as we only decided to go on London trip the day before we actually left! It was just a little weekend getaway as we were bored so we looked up trains to London and packed our bags ready for the next day. I was so excited that the next day at school felt like an eternity, but as soon as I got home I changed my clothes and grabbed everything I needed and we left for the taxi to the train station. I had never actually been on a train before so I was pretty scared but excited as the same time; the train started to move before we had even found a seat but luckily eventually we found some seats together.

When we finally arrived after a train journey  of over 2 hours at King’s Cross Station we were all very tired but had to find our hotel; however we quickly realised that we had gotten lost in the middle of London after getting onto the wrong subway several times! Eventually we found the street we were looking for however we still couldn’t find the hotel, and in the end we found some very helpful people who approached us asking if we were lost and helped us find the hotel.

The hotel i stopped inThe London hotel was lovely except I had to sleep under the TV so it was hard to see it from my bed in the morning :(. We stayed at the The New Linden Hotel near Kensington Road, it had an amazing bathroom with a really nice selection of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners they were so cute I love seeing mini versions of things! Our bath even had jets in it making it feel like we had our own spa! Overall the room was very fancy and I never wanted to actually leave the room but I also couldn’t resist sightseeing in London!

stuffed tigerThe next day we looked around London, exploring Buckingham Palace and seeing the guards was just the best thing I had ever seen with their perfectly posed marches around the building! After taking some photos we went to the British Museum where we were stuck waiting in line for about an hour until we were eventually let in through a huge door and were greeted by a massive dinosaur which at first was kinda scary at first and stuffed tigers which were amazing… until my feet started to really hurt and I could only think about how I had wasted hours in line and walking around the museum for the sake of a animatronic dinosaur!

On the third day we went shopping as it was our last day there and we hadn’t gotten any souvenirs and I wanted to get something to bring home for my brothers. After we had finished shopping we went to St. James’ Park and it was beautiful! The weather in London during the trip was amazing it was always sunny which is something I’m not used to living up north, so we got an ice cream and went to another museum. On the night we found a delicious pizza restaurant which since there was three of us we decided to get an 18″ pizza with the toppings of half pepperoni, half meat feast. We later found that we had been pretty greedy going for the 18″ as we were left with about half of the pizza left over but even so I couldn’t resist getting their ice cream special which was in a cow! (I just really wanted the cow!)

the subway station mapThe next morning we had to wake up really early to catch the train home, when we got to the subway station me and my mum were very confused looking at the map as we didn’t have a clue which train we needed to catch as the map was just a confusing mess of lines and colours! We were lucky we had my dad with us or we would’ve probably gotten onto the wrong subway train. I was very surprised when I got home on how much I missed it but I definitely want to go back again as there’s so much more I want to explore and do!

Overall my experience in London was amazing with loads to do and see! I would recommend anyone who hasn’t visited to check it out and I’m sure you’ll have as good as an experience as I had, it was simply beautiful and amazing! Have you got any stories of visiting somewhere amazing? Let me know in the comments below I’ll love reading and responding to them!