Camping in the Wilderness and Roasting Marshmallows over a campfire!

Camping in the Wilderness and Roasting Marshmallows over a campfire!

One of my most memorable childhood memories is from the time I went camping in the wilderness with my family. I had already been camping in a tent on campsites in the past but this time it was different. We decided to setup a tent in the middle of the wilderness and collected sticks to setup our own campfire. Of course we had also brought supplies for food and sleeping but something I was really excited about bring was marshmallows which we would be roasting over the campfire!

The idea of the camping trip all started back when me, my mum and dad were out walking our dogs with our neighbours when we found an open empty field and thought it would be a great place to go camping in! We pretty much all decided on the trip there and then so as soon as we got home we started packing for it where of course we packed all the essentials, especially the marshmallows! We were also bringing our dogs so had treats, bowls and leaders with us too!

As we set off to the field I had only brought a pair of flip-flops for my feet.. it was a bad idea, they were slowly killing my feet throughout the trip and once we reached the field I had blisters between my toes 😕 owch! To make things worse later in the night I went on a walk with my mum as everyone decided we should go pickup food from a chinese takeaway which was a pretty long walk away from the site! (And I don’t even like chinese food other than just the chips or prawn crackers 😞) Once we got back to the site though everyone had finished setting up the tents and it was starting to get dark. We setup some chairs and ate our food.

Once everyone had finished eating we started building a fire as at this point it was gettingMarshmallows really dark. I was tasked with bringing tons of rocks back to make sure the the burning wood doesn’t roll away from the campfire. We got the fire setup pretty quick and it was finally time to enjoy our essential marshmallows! We roasted the marshmallows on the fire and they were delicious.. I might’ve burnt almost all of mine but it was still really fun! The warmth of the fire was making me sleepy so soon enough I decided to go get into my sleeping bag and fell asleep reading a book.

Early the next morning we had to leave soon-ish because nobody had any clean clothes and we ran out of food for both the humans and dogs! It took us a while to take everything down and pack up but I helped (despite moaning about my painful feet!) The grass in the field was also pretty long so during the walk back I had cuts all over the bottom of my legs.

Overall the trip was really fun and memorable but if we ever did it again I would definitely bring more comfortable shoes and wear long trousers!

What’s your favourite childhood memory? Leave a comment below!
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