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Month: February 2017

The Pancake Day Disaster!

The Pancake Day Disaster!

I love pancake day and have been looking forward to it for weeks; as were my brothers! I really wanted pancakes this morning but my mum was at work so it wasn’t worth the hassle so I had to wait until I came home from school. Once I got home in the afternoon I was excited to have some pancakes made from the specially bought pancake mix mum had bought for the day and had lemon juice and sauces ready for them too. Our family isn’t religious but we still mildly celebrate pancake day just for the pancakes 😜 We all love pancakes but never really ever have them other than today.

Me and mum made the first pancakes together without my brothers but they didn’t turn out right not tasting good so we decided to make our own pancake mix like we usually do instead of using the shop bought one. The first pancake I made was cooking amazingly until I tried to flip it and it ended up landing straight on the floor.. (whoops) The next pancake came out successfully and I decided to add some whipped cream on it which mum recently bought fresh, so grabbed some from the fridge and added it. Apparently I had grabbed the wrong bottle though and I ended up spraying a mushy mouldy mess onto the plate! The cream I grabbed was months out of date!

Now that I had already ruined 2 pancakes I was determined to make the next one work! This time when I tried to flip it the pancake slipped out of the pan and fell onto the stove and burnt.. At this point I was fed up of trying but I had one last go but forgot to add any oil into the pan this time and the pancake got completely stuck and burnt again.. (At this point I gave up)

Later in the night my brother Sean came home from work and decided to have pancakes as a desert after dinner as mum wanted to use up the rest of the premade pancake mix, but nobody else really liked them either; they ended up being crispy on the outside but raw and mushy on the inside. A few pancakes didn’t turn out too badly and were eaten but next year we’ll be only making our own pancakes mix for sure!

Sadly the pancake treats didn’t turn out how we expected this year but hopefully next year we can try again, we’ll just need a better pan and just make our own mix! Did you have pancakes today? Share your stories in the comments below!

Looks like it’s back to school!

Looks like it’s back to school!

Today was the first day back to school for me after a week holiday which seemed to fly by so quick! During the holidays me and my brother Sean worked together to setup this blog and I’ve been sticking with my goal of making daily posts which I’m really proud of, I also celebrated my other brothers birthday and finished a big Geography report for school with drawings and print outs which I think turned out really good. During last week I also visited the hairdressers to get my hair re-styled and went on a trip into the local town centre with a friend to do some shopping!

I’m glad to be back at school though, today my tutor gave out new timetables and because it was Monday we finished an hour earlier than usual so the day went by so fast! When I got home I heard that my brother Sean’s car had a puncture and had to get it fixed but luckily he got home safe! Otherwise nothing much happened today but I’m pretty tired so I’ve just spent the night watching Youtube!

Thanks to all my readers so far today I hit over 200 unique visitors, I hope you all found something enjoyable to read!


Holidays to Flamingo Land!

Holidays to Flamingo Land!

Flamingo landSeveral years ago when I was younger me, my brother Connor, and mum and dad would sometimes go on holidays to Flamingo Land, staying in my nana’s caravan near the park. (My other brother Sean used to come with us until he got older and instead just stayed home with our dog Keira) I had made tons of friends at the caravan park from exploring the area or visiting the playground they had on-site which me and Connor would spend more out time at using the swings or making challenges with the various monkey bars and climbing ropes getting from one side of the park to the other!

A few years ago sadly the caravan had to be removed from the site as it was old and the owner wanted to replace it with more static caravans instead so we visited a lot less afterwards but when we did we stayed inside of the Flamingo Land camping zone in a tent. I would usually barely get any sleep during the holidays though because I would always be so excited of heading into the Flamingo Land park the next day to go on rides and see the shows!

If you haven’t had any holidays to Flamingo Land or have just never heard of it then it’s a theme park in North Yorkshire, England with tons of rides, shows and other attractions. It also has its own camp-site and throughout the years me and my family have visited it a lot and we love visiting!

Tea cupsBack when I was younger I wasn’t always tall enough to go on all the intense rides though so I usually just stuck to smaller rides like Tea Cups or Elephant Rides but among all the rides I was terrified of a ride similar to the Tea Cups where you sit inside a giant clown whilst spinning around and bobbing up and down.. (and I still can’t stand clowns at all 😢) however Connor would usually try force me to go on it which I did a few times and it was horrible. My best memory from visiting was back when we visited with our cousins where they convinced me to go on the Frog Hopper, which was a small ride which bounced up and down – from then I would go on it several times with each visit!

kumaliAs I grew older and passed the height limit to go on the bigger rides I ended up chickening out from going on them after seeing other people in line or coming off them being frightened.. until two years ago when our family went with our neighbours and I spent most of the week going on the little rides like usual until the last two days where I mustered enough courage to go on a ride called The Cliffhanger (which essentially is just a giant 180 foot version of the frog hopper!) and I actually loved it!

From then I made Connor come on it about 7 times in a row with me afterwards! Since I was feeling brave, the next day we woke up at 10am and was determined to go on a massive roller-coaster called called the Kumali which is a super fast roller-caster where you feet hand free below the ride and if you looked at me while riding it you would’ve thought I loved it.. but inside I was going crazy with fear! I really hated the suspense when it took me up to the top at the start of the ride as I knew the drop was coming closer and closer..

Other than just the rides on our holidays to Flamingo land we always watch all the shows such as The Sea-lion Show where Sea-lions perform trick for the audience and The Bird Show where tons of amazing trained birds perform in front of an audience too. We’ve seen the shows so many times but they have a ton of different routines per season and even watching repeated shows are amazing to experience over and over!

Sometimes during the nights staying inside the park me and Connor would visit the arcades whilst my parents stayed in the clubhouse where I would normally stick to the 2p machines and ended up winning a lot of prizes from and Connor would spend all his money on the games which rewarded tickets to try win the really big prizes! About 2 years ago he saved up all his tickets and at the end of the visit on the day we had to go home he had finally won enough tickets to get a giant snow lion plush toy which I’m very jealous of and he wouldn’t let me have it 🙁

What holiday destinations have you been to? Have you had any holidays at Flamingo Land of your own? Share your experiences in the comments below or send me a pingback to your own blogs and I’ll read them and leave a comment!

Poop Emoji Cake for my Brother’s Birthday!

Poop Emoji Cake for my Brother’s Birthday!

Poop Emoji Birthday CakeToday was my brother Connor’s birthday! The day started with my mum making us all a special breakfast of bacon sandwiches and finishing decoration on the birthday cake for him (we all decided on making a chocolate cake with poop emoji’s sitting on it!) she got the cake finished pretty quick and it looked amazing!

connors presentsEventually, Connor woke up and started opening his cards and presents and started with the gifts from our cousin which was jokingly wrapped in My Little Pony wrapping paper! There were 2 gifts; a jar packed full of blackjacks and a box of Maltesers chocolates. Next, he opened my present which was Lynx deodorant and a bag of celebrations chocolates then finally opened the present from my other brother Sean which was a Cloud II headset for his computer which sounded amazing, we all had to try it on because we had never had any headphones which sounded so good! Our mum and dad got him an exercise bike which he was given a week before his birthday and we’ve all been using it constantly every day.

my mealFor dinner, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant which we’ve visited a few times in the past and loved. Me and my mum decided to get something called a “Special Burger” which was a just burger with bacon in it and it was delicious but made me feel like I was going to burst once I was done eating the whole thing! Sean got a “Loaded Burger” which was another burger but with bacon, egg, onions and lots of salad in it, Connor just got a normal cheeseburger and dad got a steak. We all loved the food but found it pretty annoying how all of our food (except dad’s) was served on a wide piece of wood rather than plates like usual causing everyone to make a mess.. however the night out overall was really fun.

gear vrUpon getting home on the night my parents and brothers wanted to celebrate Connor’s birthday with some drinks but we didn’t have much left in the house so we decided to take a quick a trip to nearby Tesco’s which my oldest brother Sean drove us to in his car. I love driving in the night so came along for the drive too of course! Once we were home on the night we sand happy birthday as my brother blew out the candles on his poop emoji cake then everyone just sat around relaxing and talking. My mum is determined to find a game on the Oculus store for the Gear VR which will scare my dad though.. but ends up just scaring herself whilst dad isn’t bothered by them!

We think the poop emoji cake turned out really well and the day was amazing! I’m sure we’ll end up thinking up another fun cake idea for future birthdays too!

How could I lose so much in a single day? 😠

How could I lose so much in a single day? 😠

hurdlesBack when I was in year 7 of school I was kinda athletic (not >.<) and for some reason I was selected to be on the athletics team where we would spend the day competing against other schools for a day in several different competitions to cover for other people which had dropped out.. However at least I wasn’t alone as my friend Brooke was there with me. I did hurdles, relay and shot-put but none of them went well and we ended up losing them all.

The hurdles was a huge embarrassment as I knocked down 3 of them and finished in last place! At the time everyone seemed to be supporting until the next few days where people wouldn’t stop talking about it. 😢 In the shot-put I didn’t do well either but wasn’t as bad.. and after the disaster that was hurdles I just wanted to get it over and done with. The last event of the day was the relay race, but I ended up being really confused because I couldn’t hear the person in charge so I ended up standing in the wrong place and again we didn’t win. The events were fun though as I was with my friends Brooke, Holly and Nimah.

During the events after the shot-put I wanted to check my phone to see the time however when I checked my bag for the phone it was missing! I thought I might’ve left it in my hoodie but the only problem was that everyone’s hoodie looked the same and were mixed together so anyone could’ve taken mine! I checked the hoodie near my bag but it wasn’t there at this point I knew I had lost my phone! My friends tried calling it but I knew it would’ve been on silent mode and we tried asking around but nobody had seen it. 😭

Brooke let me borrow her phone to call my mum and tell her what had happened where she told me not to worry and we would sort it once I got home. I was so sad because I loved my little Samsung galaxy s3 mini, but my mum is so nice that she later got me a Samsung galaxy s5 neo on contract! I still miss my old phone though as it had so many memories via photos and videos stored onto it! (Plus I had completed so many colour switch levels 😠)

Ever lost something important to you? Share your stories in the comments or send me a pingback and I’ll be happy to comment with you!