Holidays to Flamingo Land!

Holidays to Flamingo Land!

Flamingo landSeveral years ago when I was younger me, my brother Connor, and mum and dad would sometimes go on holidays to Flamingo Land, staying in my nana’s caravan near the park. (My other brother Sean used to come with us until he got older and instead just stayed home with our dog Keira) I had made tons of friends at the caravan park from exploring the area or visiting the playground they had on-site which me and Connor would spend more out time at using the swings or making challenges with the various monkey bars and climbing ropes getting from one side of the park to the other!

A few years ago sadly the caravan had to be removed from the site as it was old and the owner wanted to replace it with more static caravans instead so we visited a lot less afterwards but when we did we stayed inside of the Flamingo Land camping zone in a tent. I would usually barely get any sleep during the holidays though because I would always be so excited of heading into the Flamingo Land park the next day to go on rides and see the shows!

If you haven’t had any holidays to Flamingo Land or have just never heard of it then it’s a theme park in North Yorkshire, England with tons of rides, shows and other attractions. It also has its own camp-site and throughout the years me and my family have visited it a lot and we love visiting!

Tea cupsBack when I was younger I wasn’t always tall enough to go on all the intense rides though so I usually just stuck to smaller rides like Tea Cups or Elephant Rides but among all the rides I was terrified of a ride similar to the Tea Cups where you sit inside a giant clown whilst spinning around and bobbing up and down.. (and I still can’t stand clowns at all 😢) however Connor would usually try force me to go on it which I did a few times and it was horrible. My best memory from visiting was back when we visited with our cousins where they convinced me to go on the Frog Hopper, which was a small ride which bounced up and down – from then I would go on it several times with each visit!

kumaliAs I grew older and passed the height limit to go on the bigger rides I ended up chickening out from going on them after seeing other people in line or coming off them being frightened.. until two years ago when our family went with our neighbours and I spent most of the week going on the little rides like usual until the last two days where I mustered enough courage to go on a ride called The Cliffhanger (which essentially is just a giant 180 foot version of the frog hopper!) and I actually loved it!

From then I made Connor come on it about 7 times in a row with me afterwards! Since I was feeling brave, the next day we woke up at 10am and was determined to go on a massive roller-coaster called called the Kumali which is a super fast roller-caster where you feet hand free below the ride and if you looked at me while riding it you would’ve thought I loved it.. but inside I was going crazy with fear! I really hated the suspense when it took me up to the top at the start of the ride as I knew the drop was coming closer and closer..

Other than just the rides on our holidays to Flamingo land we always watch all the shows such as The Sea-lion Show where Sea-lions perform trick for the audience and The Bird Show where tons of amazing trained birds perform in front of an audience too. We’ve seen the shows so many times but they have a ton of different routines per season and even watching repeated shows are amazing to experience over and over!

Sometimes during the nights staying inside the park me and Connor would visit the arcades whilst my parents stayed in the clubhouse where I would normally stick to the 2p machines and ended up winning a lot of prizes from and Connor would spend all his money on the games which rewarded tickets to try win the really big prizes! About 2 years ago he saved up all his tickets and at the end of the visit on the day we had to go home he had finally won enough tickets to get a giant snow lion plush toy which I’m very jealous of and he wouldn’t let me have it 🙁

What holiday destinations have you been to? Have you had any holidays at Flamingo Land of your own? Share your experiences in the comments below or send me a pingback to your own blogs and I’ll read them and leave a comment!

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