My trip to London!

My trip to London!

Back in 2015 I went on a weekend visit to London with my mum and dad, it was pretty unplanned as we only decided to go on London trip the day before we actually left! It was just a little weekend getaway as we were bored so we looked up trains to London and packed our bags ready for the next day. I was so excited that the next day at school felt like an eternity, but as soon as I got home I changed my clothes and grabbed everything I needed and we left for the taxi to the train station. I had never actually been on a train before so I was pretty scared but excited as the same time; the train started to move before we had even found a seat but luckily eventually we found some seats together.

When we finally arrived after a train journey  of over 2 hours at King’s Cross Station we were all very tired but had to find our hotel; however we quickly realised that we had gotten lost in the middle of London after getting onto the wrong subway several times! Eventually we found the street we were looking for however we still couldn’t find the hotel, and in the end we found some very helpful people who approached us asking if we were lost and helped us find the hotel.

The hotel i stopped inThe London hotel was lovely except I had to sleep under the TV so it was hard to see it from my bed in the morning :(. We stayed at the The New Linden Hotel near Kensington Road, it had an amazing bathroom with a really nice selection of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners they were so cute I love seeing mini versions of things! Our bath even had jets in it making it feel like we had our own spa! Overall the room was very fancy and I never wanted to actually leave the room but I also couldn’t resist sightseeing in London!

stuffed tigerThe next day we looked around London, exploring Buckingham Palace and seeing the guards was just the best thing I had ever seen with their perfectly posed marches around the building! After taking some photos we went to the British Museum where we were stuck waiting in line for about an hour until we were eventually let in through a huge door and were greeted by a massive dinosaur which at first was kinda scary at first and stuffed tigers which were amazing… until my feet started to really hurt and I could only think about how I had wasted hours in line and walking around the museum for the sake of a animatronic dinosaur!

On the third day we went shopping as it was our last day there and we hadn’t gotten any souvenirs and I wanted to get something to bring home for my brothers. After we had finished shopping we went to St. James’ Park and it was beautiful! The weather in London during the trip was amazing it was always sunny which is something I’m not used to living up north, so we got an ice cream and went to another museum. On the night we found a delicious pizza restaurant which since there was three of us we decided to get an 18″ pizza with the toppings of half pepperoni, half meat feast. We later found that we had been pretty greedy going for the 18″ as we were left with about half of the pizza left over but even so I couldn’t resist getting their ice cream special which was in a cow! (I just really wanted the cow!)

the subway station mapThe next morning we had to wake up really early to catch the train home, when we got to the subway station me and my mum were very confused looking at the map as we didn’t have a clue which train we needed to catch as the map was just a confusing mess of lines and colours! We were lucky we had my dad with us or we would’ve probably gotten onto the wrong subway train. I was very surprised when I got home on how much I missed it but I definitely want to go back again as there’s so much more I want to explore and do!

Overall my experience in London was amazing with loads to do and see! I would recommend anyone who hasn’t visited to check it out and I’m sure you’ll have as good as an experience as I had, it was simply beautiful and amazing! Have you got any stories of visiting somewhere amazing? Let me know in the comments below I’ll love reading and responding to them!

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