Cartoon Drawings and Paintings!

Cartoon Drawings and Paintings!

I’ve always loved drawing and spend a lot of time doodling in my free time when bored. Sometimes I decide to work on bigger drawings which usually end up taking hours of work to get perfect! I usually like to imitate cartoon drawings or other cute pictures I find online, drawing my own version to compare with the original. Recently I’ve made drawings of The Simpsons family, Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls and my favourite drawing of all, Pikachu!

I decided to draw The Simpsons because I thought it would be pretty challenging to do cartoon drawings of but the end result turned out really well and later I coloured them with new pens which I got for christmas with brush tips making it very nice to do strokes with. I drew Mabel and Dipper a very long time ago and at the time I had just finished watching the final episode so decided to draw them as they were on my mind at the time, then recently my mum found the drawing on top of our fridge and loved it so I decided to finish colouring it in.

My Pikachu drawing was probably the longest I’ve ever spent on a single picture as it started as a simple little doodle which I decided to re-draw on a bigger sheet of paper then later decided I wanted to enlarge it and paint it onto a canvas. For enlarging the drawing I used something called “The Grid Method” which is where you take a smaller picture draw a measured grid over it then when re-drawing it you redraw the grid at a bigger scale (e.g 6cm blocks up to 12cm) and draw each grid segment one at a time; in the end I think the canvas painting turned out brilliantly!

I don’t usually like to paint all my drawings because it means I have to get out all the equipment and then spend time cleaning up everything when done.. but with drawing I can just sit with pencils and paper and start drawing!

What about you? Do you enjoy drawing or painting, do you have any to share? Leave a comment below or share your own blogs and I can check them out!

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