My Favourite Books

My Favourite Books

hunger gamesIf you’ve read my blog introduction you’ll know that I love reading books and it’s probably my main hobby when I’m bored and over the past few years I’ve read a lot! I love reading long hardback books with lots of story development and so far my all time favourite book series is Hunger Games which I had such a deep admiration with the characters that I almost couldn’t continue reading once my favourite character Rue died! However, once I did reach the end I was amazed and strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t already read it who enjoys strong character development adventure tales with a dark side to check it out!

girl online 1 and 2

Another collection of books I’ve read and instantly fell in love with are the Girl Online series which I knew I had to keep reading once Penny met Noah and ended up reading the first 2 books in one go! When Zoella announced that book 3 was coming out I was so excited that I had to get it for Christmas! (however I still haven’t finished the third book :$)

Not only do I love to read but I also like to write but find it hard to sometimes think up a good idea! A few years ago however in school, I had to write a short story about Christmas and most people decided to write a simple happy story, however I took a different approach in writing about an orphan who had nobody to talk to and nobody would pay attention to until Christmas where finally after a life of struggle a loving family adopted her out of nowhere and dramatically changed her life. Whenever I re-read it I always feel full of joy towards the end as happiness can come from anywhere even in the most unexpected of situations. To my amazement my story was featured in a local newspaper which I still have today!

Do you have any favourite books or love to write your own stories? Let me know down in the comments below, I would love to check out any new book suggestions or read your writing!

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