Visiting Edinburgh Zoo! My Own Personal Penguin Parade?!

Visiting Edinburgh Zoo! My Own Personal Penguin Parade?!

Last year I went on holiday to Haggerston castle with my parents I was so excited I had been packed for ages as we were loading the car I snuck food into the back seat where I was sitting because I knew it was going to me a long drive there, at this time I didn’t know on the second day there we were going to Edinburgh zoo if I did know I would have been even more excited than I already was because zoo = penguins and penguins = Tia’s favourite animal. I also had my laptop and i-pad but I didn’t really play on my i-pad too much because I was playing the Lego movie the game on my laptop. I was addicted to this game because I had just downloaded it the night before to play the next day.

The car ride seemed to pass by so quick and we were at the car park of Haggerston castle. Our caravan was so far away but the caravans all looked so fancy there so I was okay with it all it meant was more exercise for me. Our caravan had a massive window at the front so I could just look out at everything, I could see it getting a bit annoying when you want no one to see in your caravan. The caravan was huge and I got a twin bedroom all to myself, the first thing I did was unpack everything so I knew were it was and wouldn’t forget anything when we left.

The first day was pretty relaxed we got used to the caravan

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