The Pancake Day Disaster!

The Pancake Day Disaster!

I love pancake day and have been looking forward to it for weeks; as were my brothers! I really wanted pancakes this morning but my mum was at work so it wasn’t worth the hassle so I had to wait until I came home from school. Once I got home in the afternoon I was excited to have some pancakes made from the specially bought pancake mix mum had bought for the day and had lemon juice and sauces ready for them too. Our family isn’t religious but we still mildly celebrate pancake day just for the pancakes 😜 We all love pancakes but never really ever have them other than today.

Me and mum made the first pancakes together without my brothers but they didn’t turn out right not tasting good so we decided to make our own pancake mix like we usually do instead of using the shop bought one. The first pancake I made was cooking amazingly until I tried to flip it and it ended up landing straight on the floor.. (whoops) The next pancake came out successfully and I decided to add some whipped cream on it which mum recently bought fresh, so grabbed some from the fridge and added it. Apparently I had grabbed the wrong bottle though and I ended up spraying a mushy mouldy mess onto the plate! The cream I grabbed was months out of date!

Now that I had already ruined 2 pancakes I was determined to make the next one work! This time when I tried to flip it the pancake slipped out of the pan and fell onto the stove and burnt.. At this point I was fed up of trying but I had one last go but forgot to add any oil into the pan this time and the pancake got completely stuck and burnt again.. (At this point I gave up)

Later in the night my brother Sean came home from work and decided to have pancakes as a desert after dinner as mum wanted to use up the rest of the premade pancake mix, but nobody else really liked them either; they ended up being crispy on the outside but raw and mushy on the inside. A few pancakes didn’t turn out too badly and were eaten but next year we’ll be only making our own pancakes mix for sure!

Sadly the pancake treats didn’t turn out how we expected this year but hopefully next year we can try again, we’ll just need a better pan and just make our own mix! Did you have pancakes today? Share your stories in the comments below!

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