Pokémon Go Adventures!

Pokémon Go Adventures!

Pokémon goA year ago I was addicted to a game called Pokémon GO and almost every day me and my brothers Sean and Connor would walk around our village looking for Pokémon and Poké-stops. It was a lot of fun and actually got us out of the house as we ran around catching Pokémon! On the downside though I ended up using a lot of mobile data and there aren’t many Poké-stops nearby so I would run out of Pokéballs easily but Sean would buy us more if we asked enough!

After a few months of daily hunting around the village catching PokémonSeaton carew beach we quickly ended up catching the same pokemon constantly, so almost every Saturday my brother (Sean) would drive us up to Seaton Carew Beach and my mum would come along too for a lovely visit walking around the beach whilst catching new Pokémon! On our first visit we found an arcade which looked amazing however everyone was tired so we decided it would just be best to come again another day and check it out.. however we did get some delicious fish and chips for lunch and it was a really nice day overall. The next visit I was prepared and brought my own money prepared for the arcade which was massive on the inside with lots of games, my mum stayed by the 2p machines Sean stayed with her and me and my brother Connor found a Crossy Roads arcade machine which we had a competition on.. which he he won :l (I did manage to beat his score on our next visit though!)

Natu and MurkrowSadly after a while pretty much everyone I knew stopped playing Pokémon Go, Niantic wasn’t making any major changes to the game and seemed to be making it worse after several maps got shut down ruining my personal favourite part of the hunts, finding a Pokemon we wanted nearby and getting to it before it despawned. Finally after many months though an update was finally released and today I logged on to find tons of new Pokémon right in my house! I didn’t have any Pokéballs left though so I decided to take Molly (one of my dogs) on a quick walk to visit all the nearby Poké-stops to get some quick Pokéballs to catch them. Sadly most of the Pokémon I saw had despawned once I got back home though.. I did manage to get a Murkrow and a Natu though and looking forward to seeing how many more I can collect!

Have you started to play the generation 2 update or did you enjoy playing the original? Share your thoughts in the comments and I’ll look forward to reading them all!

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