Pokémon Sun and Moon – My thoughts on the game!

Pokémon Sun and Moon – My thoughts on the game!

Last Christmas I decided to buy myself Pokémon Sun for my 3DS. My brother Sean had gotten Pokémon Moon as a christmas present and I wanted to play it too alongside him. I had already been planning on getting the game anyway before christmas but because Sean got moon I decided to buy sun as we were curious to see what differences there actually were between Pokémon Sun and Moon! Sadly after playing all the way to the end of the game the only actual difference just seems to be that his is night during the day and my day/night cycle matched the real time.. not really worth a separate game in my opinion and I know a few people who bought both Pokémon Sun and Moon versions of the game to play theirselves!

I really enjoyed playing through the game because Sean and I decided we would battle at every Pokémon centre we reached. For the early few battles I was almost constantly winning! I had chosen Litten whereas he chose Rowlet so I naturally countered him with my fire moves against his grass Pokémon! However as we progressed further through the game he started training up more Pokémon and eventually got ahead of me in the story.. and was winning all our battles! 😠

I spent pretty much all of christmas day playing Pokémon except for our lunch, you could probably say I was addicted to playing.. 🤤 I chose my starter, Litten because he looked like a cute fiery kitten and got attached to him keeping him as my main Pokémon in my lineup! As me and my brother battled he started to learn how I played and started sending out water Pokémon against me when he knew I would switch to Litten, sometimes we would end up constantly switches back and forth as we both expected the other to keep switching! (which we did >.<)

My favourite part of Pokémon Sun and Moon were the trials! They are a pretty core part of the game but they were really fun! I loved solving the puzzles then battling the boss Pokémon afterwards. I also really liked the storyline, team skull was really funny looking like rappers out of a bad rap video! But amongst all of the characters I loved Lillie and Cosmog! I won’t spoil anything but the ending made me want to cry though ;_;

While playing my brother showed me the Wonder Trade system where I could trade any Pokémon with another random person also using the Wonder Trade. You didn’t know what they were sending you and they didn’t know what they would get either but I was trading with people around the world and got some amazing rare Pokémon early!

When starting to use the wonder trading I was a very low level and didn’t have many Pokémon, I was sending out the most common Pokémon possible and felt pretty bad as I was getting a wide variety of Pokémon getting sent to me! I decided to trade them back out too. I ended up getting some pretty high level Pokémon early but sadly without the gym badge they wouldn’t listen to my commands in battle! Overall I really loved the feature because it makes getting some hard to get Pokémon such as the starts simple, helping fill up my Pokédex!

My brother Sean ended up finishing the game way before me which kinda just made me lose interest and I stopped playing because I knew I would have to fight the final 4 which would be pretty tough unless I spent a bit of time training my Pokémon up further as they were pretty weak. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back playing the game one day though, Sean often goes back to playing the Pokémon DS games as he tries to fill his Pokédex as much as he can so I’ll probably be back to finish it then!

Have you checked out any Pokémon games? Did you play Pokémon Sun and Moon?
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