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Pokémon Sun and Moon – My thoughts on the game!

Pokémon Sun and Moon – My thoughts on the game!

Last Christmas I decided to buy myself Pokémon Sun for my 3DS. My brother Sean had gotten Pokémon Moon as a christmas present and I wanted to play it too alongside him. I had already been planning on getting the game anyway before christmas but because Sean got moon I decided to buy sun as we were curious to see what differences there actually were between Pokémon Sun and Moon! Sadly after playing all the way to the end of the game the only actual difference just seems to be that his is night during the day and my day/night cycle matched the real time.. not really worth a separate game in my opinion and I know a few people who bought both Pokémon Sun and Moon versions of the game to play theirselves!

I really enjoyed playing through the game because Sean and I decided we would battle at every Pokémon centre we reached. For the early few battles I was almost constantly winning! I had chosen Litten whereas he chose Rowlet so I naturally countered him with my fire moves against his grass Pokémon! However as we progressed further through the game he started training up more Pokémon and eventually got ahead of me in the story.. and was winning all our battles! 😠

I spent pretty much all of christmas day playing Pokémon except for our lunch, you could probably say I was addicted to playing.. 🤤 I chose my starter, Litten because he looked like a cute fiery kitten and got attached to him keeping him as my main Pokémon in my lineup! As me and my brother battled he started to learn how I played and started sending out water Pokémon against me when he knew I would switch to Litten, sometimes we would end up constantly switches back and forth as we both expected the other to keep switching! (which we did >.<)

My favourite part of Pokémon Sun and Moon were the trials! They are a pretty core part of the game but they were really fun! I loved solving the puzzles then battling the boss Pokémon afterwards. I also really liked the storyline, team skull was really funny looking like rappers out of a bad rap video! But amongst all of the characters I loved Lillie and Cosmog! I won’t spoil anything but the ending made me want to cry though ;_;

While playing my brother showed me the Wonder Trade system where I could trade any Pokémon with another random person also using the Wonder Trade. You didn’t know what they were sending you and they didn’t know what they would get either but I was trading with people around the world and got some amazing rare Pokémon early!

When starting to use the wonder trading I was a very low level and didn’t have many Pokémon, I was sending out the most common Pokémon possible and felt pretty bad as I was getting a wide variety of Pokémon getting sent to me! I decided to trade them back out too. I ended up getting some pretty high level Pokémon early but sadly without the gym badge they wouldn’t listen to my commands in battle! Overall I really loved the feature because it makes getting some hard to get Pokémon such as the starts simple, helping fill up my Pokédex!

My brother Sean ended up finishing the game way before me which kinda just made me lose interest and I stopped playing because I knew I would have to fight the final 4 which would be pretty tough unless I spent a bit of time training my Pokémon up further as they were pretty weak. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back playing the game one day though, Sean often goes back to playing the Pokémon DS games as he tries to fill his Pokédex as much as he can so I’ll probably be back to finish it then!

Have you checked out any Pokémon games? Did you play Pokémon Sun and Moon?
Leave a comment down below and I’ll read and reply to all messages!
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Camping in the Wilderness and Roasting Marshmallows over a campfire!

Camping in the Wilderness and Roasting Marshmallows over a campfire!

One of my most memorable childhood memories is from the time I went camping in the wilderness with my family. I had already been camping in a tent on campsites in the past but this time it was different. We decided to setup a tent in the middle of the wilderness and collected sticks to setup our own campfire. Of course we had also brought supplies for food and sleeping but something I was really excited about bring was marshmallows which we would be roasting over the campfire!

The idea of the camping trip all started back when me, my mum and dad were out walking our dogs with our neighbours when we found an open empty field and thought it would be a great place to go camping in! We pretty much all decided on the trip there and then so as soon as we got home we started packing for it where of course we packed all the essentials, especially the marshmallows! We were also bringing our dogs so had treats, bowls and leaders with us too!

As we set off to the field I had only brought a pair of flip-flops for my feet.. it was a bad idea, they were slowly killing my feet throughout the trip and once we reached the field I had blisters between my toes 😕 owch! To make things worse later in the night I went on a walk with my mum as everyone decided we should go pickup food from a chinese takeaway which was a pretty long walk away from the site! (And I don’t even like chinese food other than just the chips or prawn crackers 😞) Once we got back to the site though everyone had finished setting up the tents and it was starting to get dark. We setup some chairs and ate our food.

Once everyone had finished eating we started building a fire as at this point it was gettingMarshmallows really dark. I was tasked with bringing tons of rocks back to make sure the the burning wood doesn’t roll away from the campfire. We got the fire setup pretty quick and it was finally time to enjoy our essential marshmallows! We roasted the marshmallows on the fire and they were delicious.. I might’ve burnt almost all of mine but it was still really fun! The warmth of the fire was making me sleepy so soon enough I decided to go get into my sleeping bag and fell asleep reading a book.

Early the next morning we had to leave soon-ish because nobody had any clean clothes and we ran out of food for both the humans and dogs! It took us a while to take everything down and pack up but I helped (despite moaning about my painful feet!) The grass in the field was also pretty long so during the walk back I had cuts all over the bottom of my legs.

Overall the trip was really fun and memorable but if we ever did it again I would definitely bring more comfortable shoes and wear long trousers!

What’s your favourite childhood memory? Leave a comment below!
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Top 5 Mystery Books with a Touch of Horror!

Top 5 Mystery Books with a Touch of Horror!

Looking for some thrilling mystery books to read? Well here’s my personal favourite list of top 5 mystery books!

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts I love to read all sorts of mystery and horror related books! I’m still currently reading though multiple books at once but don’t want to start reading any new books until I’m finished reading the ones I’m working through! As I love reading so much I decided to put together a list of my favourites, so here’s my favourite top 5 mystery books (with a touch of horror!)

5 – Pretty Little Liars

With PrePretty Little Liars Book Covertty Little Liars I’ve only read the first book because I had already seen the TV show and a lot of similarities pop up making me feel like I had already read the book which was a shame, I would have loved if they twisted the books further from the show to give a new unique reading experience but the story behind it is still very good. The story is about 5 girls where 1 goes missing until 3 years later where the 4 remaining girls start getting weird messages from a mystery person called “A” who knew all their secrets and was threatening them with it.

To be fair the book wasn’t really that memorable or as good as the TV show in my opinion, however I’m sure I would’ve changed my mind if I hadn’t seen the show first! It’s a really good story though so I would recommend either reading it or checking out the TV show which currently has 7 seasons and the final episodes are coming soon.

If you want to know what I think of the Pretty Little Liars TV show check out my favourite shockingly good TV shows and movies here!

4 – Demon Dentist

Demon Dentist is a book about a boy who has never visited the dentist for a very long time and new dentist arrives into town and starts stealing the teeth of all children brought into her dentistry! Eventually the boy is brought in to get a check-up when she prepares him for his teeth pulling he escapes and flees to the streets to report her to the police but when they don’t belive him it’s up to him to explore the city finding evidence as crazy chaos ensures throughout his city adventures! I read this book in a single night because I was hooked on the story! I especially loved the 2 full pages filled with “AAAAAHHHHHH”!

3 – Hunger Games

Hunger Games Book CoverI absolutely love the hunger games series! The story starts with a a girl named Katniss where it is time for the annual choosing of the Hunger Games, which is where a boy and a girl are chosen from each of the 12 districts (which are different tribes of people) and they are put against one another to fight to the death! I’ve only read the first book so far and I think it’s amazing and can’t wait to read the next ones!

2 – A Devil Walks

This is a book about a little boy who lived in captive inside of his own bedroom with his mother as his prisoner for over 13 years! She pretends that he has an illness which meant he couldn’t walk himself and spent his life in a wheelchair. Until one day after his mother had constantly refused doctors into the house to see her son, a doctor snook his way into his bedroom to find that there wasn’t even anything wrong with him! The doctor told him to come with him and live with him as his mother was taken away to an insane asylum!

The rest of the book explores though the boy life as he learns more about his families past and truth behind his mothers insanity! Sadly I’m still yet to finish this book but I know it’s going to be a great ending, I’m so close to the end now that once I get a chance to sit down a read for a bit I’ll have it read in no time!

1 – The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black Book CoverWhen thinking up a list of top 5 mystery books I instantly knew which book would be top! This was actually a book we were reading in English class as part of an assignment but I ended up really enjoying it and I would say it’s my favourite book to date. The book is about a guy called Arthur Kipp who was sent away to look at a old house to find any memories or items left behind from the old lady who passed away living them. The house could only be visited at certain times of the day because the path leading up to the house was covered by the tide as it rose, making it an isolated house.

When Arthur asked nearby villages about the house they would become extremely worried and didn’t want to talk about it! Arthur attended the funeral of the old lady and saw a mysterious woman dressed in all black looking lost in the middle of the graveyard. He mentioned to a friend at the funeral regarding the woman but friend acted strange not wanting to acknowledge the woman, did he know something Arthur didn’t? Arthur went up to talk to the faceless woman but as he approached her she vanished! From then on strange happenings occurred around Author and life would never be the same again!

This horror book gets pretty spooky at times but if you’re into this style of books then this is definitely something you should check out!

What’s your favourite books? Have you read any of my top 5 mystery books yourself? Let me know down in the comments below!
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Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally played + broken nails?!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally played + broken nails?!

Sean playing zeldaLast night Zelda: Breath of the Wild finally finished downloading at about 10:30pm but of course I didn’t get to play it, my brother Sean bought it and wanted to play it first. I was happy to just watch him play for now though, but it did spoil a bit of the start of the game for me before I had a chance to play myself. He played really slow exploring as much as possible though so luckily I didn’t get too much spoiled! Later in the night before I went to bed I decided to put on my new fake nails which I bought last week from B&M which you can read the post where I bought them here:


ma fake nailsIn the first couple of minutes of wearing the fake nails one of them had already fallen off! So I went to stick it back on, but another had popped off in the process.. I was 2 nails down at this point so I just left them and went to bed. By the morning all of them had fallen off on their own! I guess you really do get what you paid for.

Today I woke up at 11am to play Zelda before Sean woke up so I could catch up with him. However it didn’t turn out that way, although I laughed and joked about him dying a lot the game actually was harder than it looked and I struggled in some of the same areas too. After playing for about an hour my mum came bursting through the front door giving me the fright of my life! The first thing she did when she came in was head upstairs to wake up my brother Sean! D: When he woke up he let me keep playing for another hour before he was itching to play again so I let him and play and decided to go upstairs so I didn’t get any more of the game spoiled.

Later my mum went to work at 3pm and I decided to come back downstairs and found Sean still playing the game! So now I just decided to start semi-watching him as I sat on the couch playing on my phone, I didn’t have a clue where he was in the game but I could tell it was much further than I had got since he found towns with other people.

Splatoon game playAbout 5 hours later I decided to take a bath as I had school tomorrow and Sean went in after me, at this point I finally had a chance to continue playing Zelda myself and he said I could keep playing for the rest of the night. However a few hours later I got frustrated with dying so many times, the game was way harder than expected! 😡 I decided to spend a while playing Splatoon and I did way better than I did yesterday and even levelled up, winning 3 out of 4 matches!

Have you played Zelda: Breath of the Wild yet? What do you think of it? Is it worth the £60 which we had to spend on it? Let me know down in the comments below what you think!
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I’m in charge of the Shopping List? What the heck is a Passata?!

I’m in charge of the Shopping List? What the heck is a Passata?!

Today has been a long day, I had to wake up at noon then get dressed and ate lunch (I had a sandwich and a packet of Wotsits). Later my dad came over to take me and my mum shopping, he took my brother Sean’s car. We went over to see my granddad at a pub but traumatically I soon found out that I hadn’t charged my phone last night and it was completely dead! We spent about an hour in the pub before we all went to Tesco’s to do some shopping.

I was put in charge of the shopping list so I had to make sure we found everything on the list. On the shopping list my dad had wrote “pasata” so I thought he just mis-spelt “pasta” so throughout the shop I joked with him about his spelling but he kept saying that it was correct, but I didn’t believe him and thought he was joking.. Until we reached the sauces part of the shop and I finally saw “passata”! However he still didn’t spell it right anyway as it had 2 s’s :p

When we finally got to the till, me and my mum took a guess on how much we had spent. I estimated £120 and my mum guessed around £70. The final price ended up only being £75.48, I always try guess the price with my brother Sean when he takes us out shopping and I never guess close enough!

When we got home I helped my mum unload the shopping whilst my dad went down his allotment to water the plants and carrots inside his polytunnel. Sean was still in bed and it was getting pretty late into the afternoon so I woke him up! When he came downstairs he wanted to buy Zelda: Breath of the Wild for our Wii U (which was a massive £60 wow!) and the game also turned out to need a total of 22GB of storage space (11GB then another 11GB for a required update) so pretty much all my installed games had to be deleted to make space (I still have my save files and purchased games can be re-downloaded in future so that’s fine).

Whilst the game was downloading I decided to play Splatoon and I ended up losing all my matches except for 1.. I was as salty as a chip! It’s now 5 hours later and the downloads still haven’t finished either..
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