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Shockingly Good TV Shows and Movies!

Shockingly Good TV Shows and Movies!

I love watching good TV shows and movies, my favourite genre is mystery and at school me and my friends generally talk about what we’re currently watching like Glee and The Vampire Diaries and a while ago they suggest I check out Pretty Little Liars because they were obsessed with it, but soon I quickly discovered that I would be too!

Since being suggested it I watched all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars and it is now my all time favourite show! It’s a mystery thriller show about 5 girls: Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. The story starts with the girls having a party in Spencer’s barn and eventually all go to sleep until during the night they wake up to find Alison has gone missing!

A year passes and she has been classed as dead as she was never seen again, over this time the girls gradually split apart and stopped coming into contact with each other.. Until they started receiving anonymous messages from someone calling theirself ‘A’! A knew all of the girls’ secrets and made their lives living hell so the girls had no choice but to bring their group back together to investigate who the anonymous person is and what really happened to Alison? Who is ‘A’? Why does he know so much? Does he know what happened to Alison?!

So far I’ve finished all 7 seasons and can’t wait until 7B is released because the show was left on a huge cliffhanger! My favourite episode so far is season 5 episode 25 ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ which I won’t spoil too much but the name of the episode should give you some hints as to what happens! 😉 Anyone who hasn’t already seen the show I highly recommend it!

Recently I also started to watch Youtubers play The Walking Dead game series which I somehow spent 3 days wasting my life watching 😳 – I’ve now caught up with the current season though so I hopefully won’t be watching so much in one go any time soon! Once I caught up with the season I decided to check out The Walking Dead TV show too, however once I got about 25 minutes in I got too scared to keep watching so I haven’t watched it alone since. 😕

Personally I’m not really into horror TV shows or movies unless they’re already known as really good TV shows and movies which often end up with my friends talking about constantly but otherwise I usually just get too scared to enjoy any story or plot and can’t continue watching them alone! One time my best friend Brooke came over and we decided to watch Ouija together which I actually really enjoyed. Ever since watching it I’ve wanted to watch another similar film so I’ve been considering The Conjuring.. I really can’t watch horror movies alone though so I’ve been trying to get my mum to watch it with me but she’s also too scared to watch it at all!

Recently my mum wanted to watch the horror movie Split with me but ended up watching what she thought was Split alone. She watched most the film then turned it off because it was a boring bowling movie, this really confused me because it shouldn’t have had anything to do with bowling in it, it turned out there’s another recent movie called Split which turns out to be a really bad bowling movie which she watched instead!

What’s your definition of good TV shows and movies which you love? Do you enjoy horror movies or are you too afraid like me? ;_;
Leave a comment below! Tata for now ❤