Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

Today it was Saturday so as usually I went saturday shopping with my mum and brother Sean. I hate shopping.. especially food shopping but I like going out in Sean’s car with them. We drove to B&M first which is a UK shop selling a tons of random cheap items, it was pretty fun as we found a few toys for our dogs and I got some more fake nails (even though I had only just bought some more a few days ago :p) We found a cheap laser pointer toy for cats and decided to get it for our dogs as we used to have one which Keira would go crazy over and had never seen Molly react to one!

Last Christmas I got my mum some owl garden solar panel lights which she didn’t really like but we always joke about getting more owl related things including today where we found some owl wind chimes and owl tree decorations which we joked about getting her for mothers day. Somehow we spent an hour in this shop and didn’t really buy much.

Next we drove over to Tesco Extra to do some food shopping Extra to do some food shopping (Tesco Extra is a massive version of Tesco with electronics and clothing included) but first we visited the electronics and I got a new ink cartridge for our printer as we had ran out of coloured ink. Afterwards we walked around the shop to buy food but my mum ends up looking at single things for 5 minutes and constantly going back for things we had already looked at or picking up everything she sees but never actually buying them such as a some Polish Cheetos which somehow reminded her of Germany lol. Usually we almost always get fake Magnum ice creams and we complain about them being way different to the originals but today my mum got us the real thing! I can’t wait to eat them! 😰

What do you think about shopping, do you visit the stores and share my “saturday shopping” experiences or just shop online? Leave a comment down below with your shopping experiences!


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