I’m in charge of the Shopping List? What the heck is a Passata?!

I’m in charge of the Shopping List? What the heck is a Passata?!

Today has been a long day, I had to wake up at noon then get dressed and ate lunch (I had a sandwich and a packet of Wotsits). Later my dad came over to take me and my mum shopping, he took my brother Sean’s car. We went over to see my granddad at a pub but traumatically I soon found out that I hadn’t charged my phone last night and it was completely dead! We spent about an hour in the pub before we all went to Tesco’s to do some shopping.

I was put in charge of the shopping list so I had to make sure we found everything on the list. On the shopping list my dad had wrote “pasata” so I thought he just mis-spelt “pasta” so throughout the shop I joked with him about his spelling but he kept saying that it was correct, but I didn’t believe him and thought he was joking.. Until we reached the sauces part of the shop and I finally saw “passata”! However he still didn’t spell it right anyway as it had 2 s’s :p

When we finally got to the till, me and my mum took a guess on how much we had spent. I estimated £120 and my mum guessed around £70. The final price ended up only being £75.48, I always try guess the price with my brother Sean when he takes us out shopping and I never guess close enough!

When we got home I helped my mum unload the shopping whilst my dad went down his allotment to water the plants and carrots inside his polytunnel. Sean was still in bed and it was getting pretty late into the afternoon so I woke him up! When he came downstairs he wanted to buy Zelda: Breath of the Wild for our Wii U (which was a massive £60 wow!) and the game also turned out to need a total of 22GB of storage space (11GB then another 11GB for a required update) so pretty much all my installed games had to be deleted to make space (I still have my save files and purchased games can be re-downloaded in future so that’s fine).

Whilst the game was downloading I decided to play Splatoon and I ended up losing all my matches except for 1.. I was as salty as a chip! It’s now 5 hours later and the downloads still haven’t finished either..
Tata for now ❤

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