Fast Food!

Fast Food!

Sometimes my family orders fast food on the weekends and that’s what we did Saturday night! We ordered from a local pizza place called “The Pizza Slice” which we’ve ordered from a few times in the past and love their pizza’s and kebabs. I got a 12-inch Pepperoni Pizza, my mum got a 12 inch Mediterranean Chicken Pizza and my brothers got Kebabs. My pizza was delicious but sadly I wasn’t very hungry when the pizza arrived so I only managed to eat 1 slice of garlic bread and 2 slices of my pepperoni pizza but I knew I could eat more the next day as the more that was left the more me and my brother Connor could have for dinner the next day.

We usually always tend to order from The Pizza Slice if it’s open but previously we used to order from “Pizza Time” without ordering for mum but when mum did want something she didn’t like the pizzas from there so decided to try other fast food places and found that The Pizza Slice had much better pizzas and kebabs so we’ve been ordering from there ever since and they’re awesome! However a while ago they did mistakenly send me a Margherita Pizza when I had ordered a Pepperoni Pizza, we even checked the order to be sure! 🙁

A few months ago we ordered some pizzas from The Pizza Slice whilst mum was at work so they would be delivered in time for her finishing work, however we waiting over an hour past the estimated delivery time and they had still not arrived! (we ordered at 7PM and it was 10PM and they still hadn’t arrived!) so when my mum came in from work she decided to phone up to find out why they hadn’t arrived yet.. It turned out that they had completely missed our order and said they would send it out asap which arrived about 30 minutes later and included a free bottle of coca cola which was nice. Despite this though, they’re usually always on time and have really nice food though so for now we stick with ordering from the same place.

Do you like to sometimes order fast food as a treat? What food do you like? Let me know down below in the comments or send me a blog pingback and I can checkout your blogs and leave a comment of my own!


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