Looks like it’s back to school!

Looks like it’s back to school!

Today was the first day back to school for me after a week holiday which seemed to fly by so quick! During the holidays me and my brother Sean worked together to setup this blog and I’ve been sticking with my goal of making daily posts which I’m really proud of, I also celebrated my other brothers birthday and finished a big Geography report for school with drawings and print outs which I think turned out really good. During last week I also visited the hairdressers to get my hair re-styled and went on a trip into the local town centre with a friend to do some shopping!

I’m glad to be back at school though, today my tutor gave out new timetables and because it was Monday we finished an hour earlier than usual so the day went by so fast! When I got home I heard that my brother Sean’s car had a puncture and had to get it fixed but luckily he got home safe! Otherwise nothing much happened today but I’m pretty tired so I’ve just spent the night watching Youtube!

Thanks to all my readers so far today I hit over 200 unique visitors, I hope you all found something enjoyable to read!


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