Molly the Shih Tzu dog vs the collapsing ceiling!

Molly the Shih Tzu dog vs the collapsing ceiling!

Back in mid-2015 we got our second dog named Molly; a black Shih Tzu dog originally named Jessie Jet! Her parents were jet black pedigrees named “Minnie The Minx” and “Stargazer Stan” and Molly was born on the April 12th 2015. She was an early birthday present for me… even though she barely wanted anything to do with me! 😞

My mum decided to get her completely out of the blue as nobody expected us to to be getting another pet! It was just an ordinary school day where I wanted to go out with my friends so left a note, we were near our local cricket field when I got a call from my mum saying she had just been to pickup a new dog! At first I was sure she was joking because it was so sudden, but when I got home to my surprise there was an adorable Shih Tzu dog sitting on the living room mat. She was terrified of me at first but over timed seemed to ease up slightly (for some reason she loved my brother Connor though!)

Apparently mum was waiting for me to finish school but because my teacher kept our whole class back longer that day they left without me thinking they had missed me already so sadly I didn’t get to go with them to pick the dog or see Molly’s family. Once I got home on the night we got the dog too after being out with my friends I had to go to brigade club too which I used to go to every Thursday to do a bunch of activities; but I was so excited to go home and play with the new little dog the whole time I was there!

When I got home later in the night, disaster had struck at the worst possible time; an upstairs pipe had been leaking above the kitchen ceiling and a huge buldge had appeared in the roof, my friend who first saw water on the kitchen floor thought that the new dog might have pee’d but water was dripping from the roof! My brother Sean and mum turned off the water and headed out to B&Q to buy something to fix the leaking pipe whilst me and Connor looked after Molly. When they returned they had also bought Molly a basket and fixed the pipe (although the kitchen ceiling still needs re-plastering as I write this!)

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