Poop Emoji Cake for my Brother’s Birthday!

Poop Emoji Cake for my Brother’s Birthday!

Poop Emoji Birthday CakeToday was my brother Connor’s birthday! The day started with my mum making us all a special breakfast of bacon sandwiches and finishing decoration on the birthday cake for him (we all decided on making a chocolate cake with poop emoji’s sitting on it!) she got the cake finished pretty quick and it looked amazing!

connors presentsEventually, Connor woke up and started opening his cards and presents and started with the gifts from our cousin which was jokingly wrapped in My Little Pony wrapping paper! There were 2 gifts; a jar packed full of blackjacks and a box of Maltesers chocolates. Next, he opened my present which was Lynx deodorant and a bag of celebrations chocolates then finally opened the present from my other brother Sean which was a Cloud II headset for his computer which sounded amazing, we all had to try it on because we had never had any headphones which sounded so good! Our mum and dad got him an exercise bike which he was given a week before his birthday and we’ve all been using it constantly every day.

my mealFor dinner, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant which we’ve visited a few times in the past and loved. Me and my mum decided to get something called a “Special Burger” which was a just burger with bacon in it and it was delicious but made me feel like I was going to burst once I was done eating the whole thing! Sean got a “Loaded Burger” which was another burger but with bacon, egg, onions and lots of salad in it, Connor just got a normal cheeseburger and dad got a steak. We all loved the food but found it pretty annoying how all of our food (except dad’s) was served on a wide piece of wood rather than plates like usual causing everyone to make a mess.. however the night out overall was really fun.

gear vrUpon getting home on the night my parents and brothers wanted to celebrate Connor’s birthday with some drinks but we didn’t have much left in the house so we decided to take a quick a trip to nearby Tesco’s which my oldest brother Sean drove us to in his car. I love driving in the night so came along for the drive too of course! Once we were home on the night we sand happy birthday as my brother blew out the candles on his poop emoji cake then everyone just sat around relaxing and talking. My mum is determined to find a game on the Oculus store for the Gear VR which will scare my dad though.. but ends up just scaring herself whilst dad isn’t bothered by them!

We think the poop emoji cake turned out really well and the day was amazing! I’m sure we’ll end up thinking up another fun cake idea for future birthdays too!

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