How could I lose so much in a single day? 😠

How could I lose so much in a single day? 😠

hurdlesBack when I was in year 7 of school I was kinda athletic (not >.<) and for some reason I was selected to be on the athletics team where we would spend the day competing against other schools for a day in several different competitions to cover for other people which had dropped out.. However at least I wasn’t alone as my friend Brooke was there with me. I did hurdles, relay and shot-put but none of them went well and we ended up losing them all.

The hurdles was a huge embarrassment as I knocked down 3 of them and finished in last place! At the time everyone seemed to be supporting until the next few days where people wouldn’t stop talking about it. 😢 In the shot-put I didn’t do well either but wasn’t as bad.. and after the disaster that was hurdles I just wanted to get it over and done with. The last event of the day was the relay race, but I ended up being really confused because I couldn’t hear the person in charge so I ended up standing in the wrong place and again we didn’t win. The events were fun though as I was with my friends Brooke, Holly and Nimah.

During the events after the shot-put I wanted to check my phone to see the time however when I checked my bag for the phone it was missing! I thought I might’ve left it in my hoodie but the only problem was that everyone’s hoodie looked the same and were mixed together so anyone could’ve taken mine! I checked the hoodie near my bag but it wasn’t there at this point I knew I had lost my phone! My friends tried calling it but I knew it would’ve been on silent mode and we tried asking around but nobody had seen it. 😭

Brooke let me borrow her phone to call my mum and tell her what had happened where she told me not to worry and we would sort it once I got home. I was so sad because I loved my little Samsung galaxy s3 mini, but my mum is so nice that she later got me a Samsung galaxy s5 neo on contract! I still miss my old phone though as it had so many memories via photos and videos stored onto it! (Plus I had completed so many colour switch levels 😠)

Ever lost something important to you? Share your stories in the comments or send me a pingback and I’ll be happy to comment with you!

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