Will my dog attack my pet rabbit?!

Will my dog attack my pet rabbit?!

Back in 2011 for my brother Connor’s birthday my family had planned on taking him to a pet shop to pick a pet rabbit. At the time we had just 1 dog but we were unsure how she would behave with a rabbit running around I couldn’t help but think “Will my dog attack my new pet rabbit?”, we had hamsters in the past and Keira didn’t seem very happy with them but in general Keira was pretty tame and was pretty well trained so we were sure we could keep her under control. My dad drove us to McDonald’s first where we decided to get some lunch as it was just after noon. I got a chicken nugget happy meal as I usually do, Connor got a double cheeseburger, my other brother Sean got a Big Mac Meal and my mum and dad just got coffees and cheeseburgers.

Once we were done with our lunch we headed over to Pets at Home to pick out a rabbit to take home. The shop was huge with long aisles of pet accessories everywhere. We spent a while looking at some of the dog toys for our dog Keira (at the time we didn’t have our second dog Molly) before we headed towards the pen of rabbits. Near the rabbit pens they had pens of ferrets as well as hamsters and mice in cages!

Once he looked as the rabbits, Connor quickly picked out a little black and white dwarf rabbit which looked adorable. We asked for an assistant to help us with buying the rabbit but from there we had tons of questions to answer and listen to a lot of information about it before we could just buy it.. Connor also had to show that he could be trusted to hold the rabbit gently too. About an hour later we were able to take the rabbit home, he was in a pet container which Connor held all the way home in the car.

Once we got home with the rabbit we brought it into the house where Keira our pet Border Collie was curious as to was what in the box, we knew they had to learn to be ok with each other though so carefully we let Charlie out careful to make sure Keira was safe with him. Keira ended up being completely fine with it though and eventually stopped really caring about it returning to her basket. My dad had built a rabbit hutch which we filled with saw dust, food and toys – and he loved it!

We still have Charlie the rabbit to this day which our second dog Molly is fine with too, they sometimes play together in the yard running around! I sometimes bring him in the house to play with him, although mum gets mad when he pees everywhere so I have to be careful where he is! Luckily our dogs play nicely with Charlie the rabbit too!

Do you have any pets or just love animals too? Let me know with a comment down below!
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