My friends shoulder exploded at school! 👀

My friends shoulder exploded at school! 👀

Today was not a good day, it started with me feeling pretty unwell but my mum sent me to school anyway saying I would probably get better. My friend Brooke sent me a text letting me know that she had set off for school early to go the library so I set off early too to meet up with her where we logged onto to some computers to finish some of our homework together but we couldn’t click into our homework tasks as the teacher had locked them so went sent her an email asking to reset them, luckily she was teaching us for the last lesson of the days so we could remind her in person too.

My first lesson at school was English where the class continued to read our chosen books to ourselves which we’ll be writing a book review of, the book I chosen to read is The Devil Walks which is a mystery-thriller book about a boy locked away in his room by his mother. The Devil Walks is a really good book which I’ll defiantly be writing a future blog post for as well as a few other books I’ve been reading recently so look out for that if you’re interested!

The next lesson was maths which is my favourite lesson and always has been, I’m not sure why but I just find it really fun working with numbers. Whilst waiting outside the room for the teacher, everyone in the class was messing around causing chaos as I was generally chatting with Brooke, when she suddenly got slammed into the wall as a group fell towards her! Since then she had pain in her shoulder all day! 😟

Third school lesson was history where we continued to learn about World War I in particular we studied how the roles of women changed when men went to war, women started to fight for equality to do the things which men could do.

Next it was time for Physical Education (PE). It can be pretty fun when the class doesn’t constantly mess around and we aren’t able to do anything but today it was ok and we got started pretty quick, however Brooke’s shoulder was now really starting to hurt and it didn’t help that we were playing basket ball either! We were in groups of 3 so I was with Brooke and another friend Aimee but during the game Brooke suddenly stopped playing and headed for the teacher, me and Aimee continued the match which I managed to score 3 shots and Aimee 2 scoring 5 overall which I think was pretty good.

Brooke was given an ice pack for her arm and met back up with me for our last lesson of the day, French. I would like to learn a language and I don’t mind French but it’s pretty hard at times and other times I don’t really enjoy it as much other other lessons so it’s pretty dull. Today in French we just spent the time revising past vs future tenses and negative vs positive phrases.

Once it was finally time to go home I couldn’t be happier as I still felt a bit ill and just really wanted to get home and relax watching Youtube in bed 😂
What did you do today? Leave a comment or pingback my blog and I’ll check it out!
Tata for now ❤


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