Sick of my spots.. finally a solution?

Sick of my spots.. finally a solution?

Today I woke up feeling worse than I had yesterday, so when my mum woke up we decided that I should stay off school today so I went back to bed and woke up at about noon. Once I woke up again mum told me she had arranged a doctors appointment later in the day for 4pm to get some help to control my spots before they broke out into really bad acne! I have had really bad spots for a while on my back and shoulders so I needed to find a better spot solution than just the normal creams found in shops.

Soon after waking up at noon my auntie Susan arrived with my cousin Abbey and their pet dog Alfie, a black Cockapoo (which is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle). We all chatted together but eventually the conversation moved to my brothers Samsung Gear VR headset which recently my mum has been obsessed with playing scary games on. My mum got Abbey and auntie Susan to play Face Your Fears which is a VR game on the Oculus store for android and asked them to check out the different rooms.

One of the rooms has a simulation where you’re being held by a giant robot and you’re looking down at the city until eventually you get dropped to the ground and another which is a very scary clown horror room where you’re laying in bed as spooky events happen in the room around you! Abbey thought it was really scaring and she didn’t even want to go into clown room but auntie Susan didn’t even seem scared at all! I tried out a simulation of Disney Land in VR which I really enjoyed I went into to the Moana film and found little tiki dolls dancing all around me!

Before we knew it I had to go to my doctors appointment so my auntie Susan dropped me and my mum off at the doctors on her way home. As we arrived I had realised how long it had been since I had last been to the doctors, which is probably a good thing to be fair! It took a while of waiting for the doctor to be ready for us so I got myself pretty nervous of actually meeting them, but it turned out that my doctor was really nice! She examined my spots and quickly understood that I needed some antibiotics as well as some creams which I need to apply daily. (Hopefully they will work because I’m really sick of my spots, and if they don’t then the alternative is a visit to hospital!)

Once we were done in the doctors we had been given a prescription which we had to hand in to the nearby chemist to pick up my items, luckily it’s on the way home and the doctors is only a 10 minute walk from my house anyway so we collected the prescribed items and my mum suddenly decided she also wanted to go to the local co-op to do a quick grocery shop.. but of course my mum spent ages talking to someone in the shop so it was at least another half hour before we got home! Once we were home though I went to take one of the tablets I was given but they were massive, I spent about 20 minutes just looking at it before trying and failing to swallow it a few times! Eventually I did manage it though, it seemed to be much easier to swallow with a hot drink so I’ll remember that when I need to take another tomorrow morning.

Tonight I’m feeling a lot better so I should be back at school tomorrow! Want to ask me something? Leave a comment down below and I’ll check them out!
Tata for now ❤

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